• Two-Stage Operation: Maximizes efficiency through low and high capacities.
  • iSEER Technology: This innovative technology is able to maximize the efficiency of most air conditioners and heat pumps, and meets ENERGY STAR requirements.
  • Flexible Airflow: 16 heating and cooling speeds overcome most challenging high-static applications.

For exceptional comfort and efficiency, choose an FG7TE or FG7TN gas furnace by Broan. These models reach 96% AFUE, exceeding ENERGY STARs requirements for a high-efficiency designation. Plus, it contains innovative technology that results in efficient, quiet and balanced temperature operation.

Up to 16 SEER, Two-Stage, Split System Air Conditioner

  • Multiple-Stage Operation: Premium home comfort levels are achieved with two stages of cooling. These two stages provide more even temperatures and increased dehumidification power.
  • Quality Design and Dependable Finish: Cooling power is not just about how well the unit cools your home, but about how well it stands up through time. This air conditioner is built with a galvanized steel shell coated in a corrosion-resistant, tough polyurethane finish.
  • Noise Reduced Significantly: Nobody wants an incredibly noisy air conditioner. This model comes equipped with a compressor sound blanket and swept-wing fan blade both of which aid in noise reduction.

Homeowners that choose the FSA1BF series of air conditioners wont be disappointed. This model offers premium home comfort and energy efficiency when paired with Broan air handlers or coils. The units up to 16-SEER cooling capabilities can be a significant upgrade to an old air conditioning unit potentially helping homeowners save on utilities during the cooling season. Different system matches result in different ratings. Make sure to ask your contractor for the specific rating of the complete system you are considering.

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Up to 16 SEER, Two-Stage, Split System Heat Pump

  • Multiple Stage Comfort: The two-stage heating and cooling operation is able to provide consistent comfort levels throughout your home. Two-stage operation results in increased dehumidification capabilities and decreased instances of uneven temperatures.
  • Problem Detection: Features CoreSense technology for compressor protection. This technology senses conditions in the unit that could harm the compressor and shuts it down. This prevents compressor damage until a contractor can be called to fix the system.
  • Significant Noise Reduction: A compressor sound blanket and swept-wing fan blade both significantly reduce noises associated with operating your heat pump.

Highly-efficient, 16-SEER performance can help you save energy, and potentially money, on your utility bills. The FSH1BF split-system heat pump delivers on promises of efficiency and quality when paired with high-quality Broan coils or air handlers. Talk to your contractor about having this premium HVAC system installed in your home.

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16 SEER Packaged Heat Pump - Small Footprint

  • Genius Coil Technology: Broan packaged units come equipped with both a corrosion-resistant evaporator coil and a corrosion- resistant condensing coil.
  • Comfort with Multiple Stages: For increased home comfort and additional dehumidification assistance, choose a unit that operates in two stages in both heating and cooling mode.
  • Operates Quietly and Smoothly: A 20-inch fan blade and custom venturi condenser fan help provide premium home comfort and smooth, quiet operation.

The Broan Q7RF heat pump can meet your year round heating and cooling needs. After being properly installed, it offers energy-efficient 16-SEER cooling capabilities and 8.2 HSPF heating efficiency. It is repeatedly checked for quality and we make sure to include durability features that will keep the unit operating well for years.